Momentum Fleet Services Installs Lift Gates with Solar-Power Charging System


Innovative Solar Power Solution Integrates Parts From Across the Globe 

TAMPA, FL – Momentum Fleet Services, a veteran-owned and staffed mobile trucking fleet maintenance and repair provider, recently partnered with Cincinnati-based Leyman Lift Gates and A&M Cold Storage & Trailer Leasing to install lift gates with an integrated solar power and charging solution.  

Kevin King, COO and Head of Products, explains the significance of this solar-power technology for the trucking industry. 

“Transport refrigeration systems and lift gates can place high demand on truck engines and batteries, which can shorten their service life and greatly increase fuel consumption,” King said. “By installing an integrated solar power and battery charging solution, we can safeguard the truck and liftgate systems, while improving overall performance during normal operations.” 

The installed solution switches electrical load and charging between the engine, batteries and direct solar based on optimizing overall system performance during periods of high temperature, voltage drop or heavy liftgate usage. An added benefit is that of redundancy during a breakdown situation when the engine is not operational for a period of time.  

This initiative required joint collaboration and integration of components from across the globe:

  • A&M Cold Storage & Trailer Leasing, national provider of transport refrigeration solutions
  • Leyman Lift Gates, global OEM for truck and trailer liftgates, produced in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Xantrex Solar, a subsidiary of Mission Critical Electronics in Huntington Beach, California
  • Vikram Solar, which provided the 110W Flex Solar Panel, produced in Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Schneider Electric, which provided the Power Inverter, produced in Rueil-Malmaison, France
  • Purkeys, which provided charging components, wiring and harnesses, produced in Lowell, Arkansa
  • Momentum Fleet Services, installation and mobile maintenance provider throughout Florida

Momentum’s cross-trained and highly-skilled mechanics installed the system.

“A solar-powered hybrid system offers a better solution for transportation customers,” King said. “Fleets supporting refrigeration now have an option which improves fuel efficiency, enables longer engine and battery service-life, and helps mitigate some of the risks to cargo during breakdowns and emergencies.”

For more information about solar power integration for fleet vehicles or other specialty projects, contact Momentum Fleet Services.

About Momentum Fleet Services

Owned and operated by military veterans, Momentum Fleet Services is a mobile trucking fleet maintenance and repair provider servicing major Florida markets in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Gainesville, plus 36 surrounding counties. The company offers mobile fleet maintenance, hydraulics and attachments, transport refrigeration, and other specialty services to trucking companies. Momentum Fleet Services sends highly-skilled mechanics directly to your location, to quickly diagnose, solve, fix and get you back on the road. That’s how we FIX, FAST, FORWARD.

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