Momentum Vision

MFS disrupts the fleet services model through the application of NextGen mobile technologies, state of the art diagnostics, and fleet analytics by highly trained mechanics deployed to where our customers do business. 

Customer Focused Solutions

By delivering Customer Focused Solutions, MFS provides a high-quality VIP customer experience at competitive rates, allowing customers to focus on their core business and achieve maximum financial returns.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Solutions such as Rent-a-tech, Fleet audits, Specialty Services.

  • Data-Driven Analytics

    Proactive, preventative maintenance and analytics-driven consulting to minimize down time and maximize productivity - be the customers' "equipment manager."

  • Responsiveness

    Differential services & responsiveness via mobile SaaS CRM, work order & asset management.

  • Top Talent

    Recruit & retain "best in class" mechanics who deliver high quality and efficiency. Be a preferred work destination through fair employee treatment, performance-based compensation & uncompromising commitment to safety & ethical standards in everything we do. 

  • Growth

    Continue expansion of service areas to all of FL and eventually the Southeastern US.

  • Service

    Establish core service (mobile maintenance), strategic partners to enhance service offerings.