Momentum Mission F 3 Fix - Fast - Forward

MFS provides cost efficient maintenance solutions through the deployment of mobile and senior technicians who are empowered to make decisions and get immediate results.

  • Customer Focus

    Fleet maintenance solutions tailored to specific customer requirements

  • Quality Control

    Demanding standards & fair treatment - a square deal

  • Teamwork

    High-level commitment, respect & responsiveness to one another and our customers

  • Safety

    Exercise an uncompromising commitment to safety!

  • Honor

    Value integrity in all of dealing with employees, customers and suppliers

  • Profitability

    Provide a superior return on invested capital to all shareholders

Customer = Core

Fleet maintenance is a challenging, taxing and unpredictable part of your business.

Proactive, dedicated, reliable and customized solutions that improve your fleet performance quickly while driving down costs is our only line of business. The customer is the center of the revolution.